What we do


Based on our substantial project development experience, we selectively target project development opportunities. We aim to add value through a collaborative approach with local and international developers and investors.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

SOL-EX is a leading local contractor providing complete turnkey solar power solutions for residential and utility scale PV projects. We offer both full EPC scope including panel supply, as well as EPC for balance of system (BoS) according to client needs.

Operating & Maintenance

We are experts in O&M for solar power plants, offering a full range of plant monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance services backed up by appropriate contractual guarantees depending on customer requirements.

The benefits

Always Clean Energy

Solar generate electricity, reducing the need for fossil fuel generation

Easy Installation

Experts that get the job done in the most efficient way

Low Installation Costs

We provide the lowest rate with the best quality on the market

Long Time to Use

Energy is stored from the constant sunshine presented from this climate

Used for Many Purposes

Used to power all or just a few appliances in your home/business

Energy Can Be Reused

Capture the energy from the sun and power your home/ business

how we work

Solar Survey
Solar Survey

Survey lighting direction serve to achieve the purpose of installing the highest efficiency.

Solar Installation
Solar Installation

Our technical team will then deploy to do the installation to capture the energy of the sun.

Solar Usage
Solar Usage

Start the harvesting of your new energy from a cleaner source.

35 +
years experience
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experience technicians
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500 +
projects completed

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